HERO Performance Center: Not Just Another Gym

During the month of December we spent a lot of time “stress testing” our facility and services to make sure we are providing an optimal place to train our athletes with performance and safety in mind.

We are not just another gym. We have carefully designed and outfitted our environment with state-of-the-art technology and equipment but most important, we have invested in experienced and certified strength and conditioning coaches to design our programming and structure.

How is the HERO different? First and foremost, we have programming designed for groups with carefully curated workouts that are age appropriate. Everyone who works out here is on a program. If you are a college or high school athlete and have a workout that was provided by your school or another coach that is absolutely fine, our coaches are here to make sure you are safe in the process of executing on that workout. Most of our athletes will need to have a workout that is custom and tailored for them and that is where our coaches really shine. There are designated time slots marked as “open gym” meaning there are no scheduled classes but our facility is still open to pass holders ages 16 and up while we have a HERO attendant on duty. These are great times to learn about our tech forward machines like the Proteus, Oxefit or Reflexion Neuro Trainer. The attendant on duty will be happy to help and again, he/she is there supervising our environment at all times. Unlike other gyms where you can go in and do whatever you want, we are a structured and scheduled format. Here are some of our classes:

10-12 Year Old Coached Workouts (60 Min)

13-14 Year Old Coached Workouts (60 Min)

15+ High School Coached Workouts (60 Min)

Age Specific Speed Classes

Proteus 3D Resistance & Reflexion Neuro Workouts

Oxefit & Reflexion Neuro Workouts

For liability and effectiveness, we don’t allow outside trainers or parents to “coach” in our facility. As mentioned earlier we have invested in certified strength and conditioning coaches and that is their role to play. Parents are welcome to watch their student athletes from the monitors in the HUB PUB area.

Beginning January 1, 2024 we have implemented a PASS pricing model that not only includes ALL programming and classes in the HERO but access to our HERO+ Recovery Studio Hyperice Lounge and $25 dollar Whole Body, Local Cryo, Sauna and Cold Plunge sessions. Pricing for passes is as follows:

Clubhouse Day Pass: $99

Monthly Pass: $150 (Recurring Autobilled)

One Month Pass: $175 (One Time)

Three Month Pass: $375 (One Time)

Annual Pass: $1200 (One Time)

Drop In Class Fee: $30 (Per Class)



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